CIVITAS Turf Defense

Provides 6 in 1 Protection

  • ABW Control
  • Leaf Spot Control
  • DollarSpot Control
  • Improved Traffic/Wear Tolerance
  • Anthracnose Control
  • Enhanced Seedhead Supression

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  • Reduce water usage by up to 25%

    By enhancing the plant’s stress tolerance threshold, CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE has been proven to reduce water inputs by up to 25% while maintaining acceptable turf quality.

  • Use fewer pesticides and fertilizers

    CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE works with the plant to control disease and pests and helps fight them off before they even appear, enhancing your IPM efficiencies and reducing turf’s requirements for inputs like fertilizers and other pesticides.

  • Increase turf durability

    CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE increases turf’s abiotic stress tolerance threshold, helping to provide improved tolerance to wear and traffic.

  • Protect turf with no known resistance

    With no known pathogen or insect resistance issues, CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE can be used without concern of maximum yearly application restrictions.

This is plant protection redefined

CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE focuses on what’s important – plant protection.

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Research-proven results

CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE is proven to perform. And we have the studies to back it up.

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Reap the rewards

Your turf will benefit from CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE. And so will you. Take a look at our exclusive money-back and rewards programs.

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